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Computer - Robotics & Lifelong Learning Center
Maragoudaki 8, Serres
Τ: 23210 555 32

Vocational Orientation Test

Educational Robotics

ComputerGr is the 1st Educational Robotics training center created in the city of Serres. His team of trainers, has published numerous research and scientific articles at conferences, has published a book exclusively for Mindstorms EV3, the number one training package of LEGO EDUCATION used in Panhellenic and World competitions. Finally, in collaboration with Higher Education Institutions of the country, it has created Certified online seminars on Educational Robotics.

Informatics - Adult Departments - ECDL

The Lifelong Learning Center COMPUTER.GR, as the exclusive partner of the global certification body ECDL-PEOPLECERT, for the prefecture of Serres, as well as other Certified bodies, offers you IT training packages that each of them can lead to a certification recognized by the ASEP in all announcements.

Informatics - Student Departments - ECDL

At the age of Elementary and High School, children mainly need KNOWLEDGE as a living supply and CERTIFICATIONS as a reward. The knowledge they will acquire will be their supplies for their course as pupils, students but also as professionals in the profession they will choose to practice.

Give your child the opportunity to conquer the digital world, to give the “present” for the present and the future !!!

Innovative online-seminaria platform

COMPUTER.GR has developed the pioneering platform of modern and asynchronous education with a number of online seminars that cover the needs of the market and are scored in public announcements.

Certifications of farmers and spraying machines

Department of Certifications of Farmers in the use of Pesticides (Necessary for the purchase of pesticides) and KTEO Spraying Machines. (Required for IACS declaration).