• Our project will provide non formal and informal learning opportunities for Youth Workers. nclusion and diversity- each organisation will provide easy access for Youth with risk of exclusion
  • Promoting non-formal and informal learning mobility – through participating in training courses, job-shadowing activities in partner organisations and exchange of practice between partners.
  • Increasing professional qualities of youth workers and their organisations.
  • Increasing creativity and innovation at the level of organisations by introducing robotic and coding activities.
  • The main target group of our project are Youth Workers. Youth workers participating directly in the project will benefit from trainings and workshops whether at the European level, training materials will be available to a wider public in the form of webinars.
  • Organisations willing to start Youth Work- through the dissemination of the results of our project, we will provide a toolkit including guidelines of how to motivate Youth to social and civic engagement..
  • Youth Organisations willing to develop their international cooperation and introduce a European dimension to their actions.
  • Local authorities departments working in the field of youth.
  • Youth workers will be able to improve their professional competences not only in Youth Work but also their foreign language copetences, what will positively affect their everyday work with Youth and increase their quality of work. They will also ameliorate their digital competences and knowledge of robotic and coding, what will enable them to introduce new methods of work and new activities for Youth.
  • Broadened understanding of Youth Work practices across border and better awareness of European projects and EU alues will allow Youth workers to increase their opportunities for professional and career development.
  • Broadened awareness of environmental issues and tackling environmental problems will help them spread the ‘green’ idea of the world amongst Youth.
  • Organisations will increase their capacities to operate at European / internatioanl level. For those organisations which have never participated in Erasmus+ or other European programme, this will be a first step to implementing international startegies in their everyday work.
  • Organisations will not only improve their management skills but also increase quality in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and follow up of European projects.
  • Participant organisations will be able to implement innovative and improved way of operating towards Youth by providing attractive programmes in line with their needs and expectations.
  • They will also benefit from more modern, dynamic and professional environment, active in different social and educational fields.
More details & informations: https://greengreatminds.eu/

The aim of the project “Skills-Cloud” is to provide skills to VET providers so they can improve their educational offer to VET learners, which in their turn will be given skills through the MOOC and results of the projects. The project outputs training assessment needs and the MOOC will create different training fields synergy that can be used in other sectors. The project outputs can be adapted and transferred to other target groups, changing their objectives and settings. The growing need in the ICT labor market is a trend that concerns not only the VET sectors but is linked to all the other ones. In addition, youth and adult education centers can use the outputs produced in the project while fighting the issue of unemployment.

Official Website: https://skillsforcloud.com/