Computer Science - Children's Classes - ECDL

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Introduction to WordPad and Word
  • Introduction to the Internet Google
  • Applications Using Scanner and Printer
  • Learning MS Paint
  • Editing Audio & Image
  • Files Creating Online
  • Notes Creating
  • Posters and Newspapers
  • Transferring Files between PC and Mobile or Tablet
  • Creating a Project
  • Exploring Windows Word Text Editing Internet Learning PowerPoint Presentation Program Online Image Editing Data and Music Recording with Nero Learning Windows Movie Maker PDF Document Editing Cloud: Google Drive & Dropbox Youtube Image Editing Skype & Viber Screen and Audio Recording Creating a Blog Creating Posters and Newspapers

Certification in Computer Usage and File Management: This module teaches you how to use and organize files and folders, store and compress files, work on your desktop using icons, windows, tools, and settings. You will also learn everything you need to know about data and device protection, malware, the health of computer users, and the ecological use of IT (Green IT), as well as the concept of networks and accessing them.

Certification in Word Processing: If you want to copy and move text within the same document or between open documents, create basic tables, use photos and images, and utilize mail merge tools, this module provides the solution to all of these tasks in Microsoft Word.

Certification in ECDL Internet Services: Choose this module to be able to send and receive email messages, organize your emails, use calendars, browse the web, understand tools and settings, manage bookmarks/favorites, have online search results, easily perform searches, critically evaluate information, and comprehend issues related to intellectual property rights and data protection.

Certification in ECDL Presentations (P. Point): The time has come to impress your teacher with the project you have been working on for months. Learn how to make a lasting impression with the Presentations (P. Point) unit.

Certification in ECDL Spreadsheets (Excel): Need to work with large amounts of data? Want to draw quick, accurate, and well-documented conclusions? Become an Excel guru with the Spreadsheets unit.

Certification in ECDL Database Usage (Access): With this unit, you will be able to create a simple database and display its data using various methods. You will use filters and queries to retrieve specific information from a database. Additionally, you will be able to create standard reports and prepare content for printing or electronic distribution.

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